BodyBudd™ Solar Powered Ultrasonic

smart sensor Pest Repellent  

scares-away animal intruders immediately


  • White Flashing LED Ultrasonic Speaker

  • PIR and Light Sensors

  • Advanced Motion Sensor

  • Solar-Powered panel.

  • 3 adjustable ground spikes.

  • Back 2 fitted slots for wall mount (optional).

  • On/off switch.

Solar Panel System. No electronic cord or garden hose. Just insert in grounds or wall mounted, switch-on.

Human Protective repellents the animal and drives it away in a safe way, cruelty-free no chemicals, no rays or radiation,

Controls and Deters bats, wood packers, rabbits, squirrels, birds, dogs, cats, raccoon, skunks, groundhogs, chip monks, armadillos, etc.

Highest Quality Standers, Durable mold, water-resistant, wind stands all weather conditions, portable; and a must to an outdoor and camping addition.

v21a3 (2).png

BodyBudd™ 5 piece Foam Roller Kit.

includes all items needed to massage

your entire body,


  • Complete Kit for Myofascial Release Massage & Pain Relief,

  • High Density Rolling Massages

  • Muscle Roller Stick

  • Large Peanut Ball

  • Rubber Lacrosse Ball

  • Carrying Bag

Help your muscle heal faster by massaging your body with these specially designed

therapy massage balls and sticks, you increase your blood circulation and oxygen

flow in your body, so your injured, inflamed and strained muscles will heal and recover

faster and in a completely natural way, These therapy massage balls and sticks will

provide you with a deep trigger point massage, myofacial release and pain relief.

Your blood flow and oxygen flow will increase, so your strained, inflamed and injured

muscles will recover faster and in a safe and pleasant way.

Thanks to the storage & Carry-on bag, the therapy massage ball set will remain clean

and you’ll be able to take it with you at work, at the gym or when you travel.

However, the spikes of the foam massages are smooth and soft, so your skin will

not get scraped, scratched or irritated.

Vibrate Roller bodybudd.jpg

BodyBudd Vibrate Muscle Massage Foam Roller, 

Vibrating Foam Roller, 5-Speed Massage for Muscle Recovery, Deep Tissue Trigger Points, 


  • COMPLETE VIBRATE FOAM ROLLER KIT 5 premium quality therapy massages, 

  • SELF-MASSAGE YOUR ENTIRE BODY you can massage your entire body –your back, neck, arms, thighs, calf, and even your feet! at home whenever you want, 

  • HELP YOUR MUSCLES HEAL FASTER By massaging your body with this specially designed therapy Vibrate massage, increase your blood circulation and oxygen flow in your body, 

  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED In order to ensure your complete and utter satisfaction, BodyBudd offers you a 100% money back guarantee.So get a roll massage set, try it out, and if you do not enjoy the deep myofascial release and trigger point massage, we will refund every last penny.

Assist with D-rings 3.jpg

Pull up / Chin up

Assist Band 

for High Performance and Full Body Workout Programs.


  • BODYBUDD ASSIST BANDS ARE PROUDLY CHOSEN. By Athletes, Celebrities & Pro’s!

For its Quality Components and Superior Craftsmanship.


Customizes Your Workout and Gets your way up to do more efficient Un-assisted Pull-ups.


Supplements Your Energy, Boosts your Mood, Develops an Athletic Grip and Strengthens your Entire Upper Body.


Including your Biceps, Forearms, Shoulders, Core and Many Others on Top of Those.


Slick Pouch and Informative Fitness guides are included.


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